Joel Woodcock

I bought my brother and I 2 pairs of Leki Extreme Peter Habeler Ski poles more than 25 years ago, along with the snow shovel attachments. Unfortunately his son lost his on a climbing trip to Alaska and bought an inferior pair to replace them. Ever since then, every time we ski together I hear about how great these poles were and mine are still functioning perfectly. Most recently we did a night ski under the starlight on Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood Oregon. Instead of enjoying the solitude and peacefulness of the clear cold night, I had to hear about how great were the poles and the loss! Fortunately, we have not needed to use the avalanche probe feature except in numerous demonstrations. Is it still possible to find these poles and the shovel attachment anywhere? I believe there was an ice axe head attachment available as well, but I did not think that was safe. If you know where to find a new or used pair of poles or the equivelant, please let me know so I can ski in peace without hearing about these legendary poles.
Thank You, Joel