Scott Krantz

Scott Krantz - Bild 1
Yes, I NEED my LEKI Trekking Poles for walking. Everyday. All day. In 1976 I was involved in a motorcycle accident and crushed my spinal cord. Not only do I have to wear a brace on both my legs, but I also need support to walk.nI started with two crutches and advanced to canes until 2001. That is when I discovered LEKI poles and gave them a try. Now you can?t pry them out of my hands. I have almost 50,000 hours of urban walking time with my LEKI Trekking Poles and am on my third pair. I like the Thermolite Grips and the Antishock spring system with rubber tips on the cement sidewalks. This combination gives me strength in action and support along with the shock resistance to ease the tension on my wrists. I recommend anyone who is on a cane or crutches to try LEKI Trekking Poles. Placing more weight on my legs using LEKI Poles vs. a cane or crutches increases my leg strength, plus it gives my upper body a workout with the swinging motion, and I have better posture. More doctors should recommend LEKI Trekking Poles to they?re patients. So whether if I am in the city, the mountains, the desert, or at the beach, my LEKI Trekking Poles are always swinging by my side and keeping me walking and standing tall.. All day, Everyday. And if you see me and ask me if I?m going skiing, I?ll laugh and say, ?a matter of fact, I am? With my LEKI Poles!!?nnI want to take this time to thank all the staff at LEKI for your personal consideration and your support for my LEKI products and keeping me mobile 24/7 ?nnSKn