Earl - Bild 1
As many of you know, LEKI has a Lifetime Shaft Breakage Warranty on their trekking poles. On Saturday, April 5 while I was hiking with Trail Trotter I managed to take a pretty good fall and break the upper shaft section of one of my LEKI poles in the process. (I lost a shoulder too - but that is covered elsewhere, and it will grow back.)

On April 7 I sent an email to LEKI telling them of the problem and asked if they thought this would fall under the terms of their Lifetime Shaft Breakage Warranty. Within minutes I had an automated response. A few minutes more and a live person was on the phone with me discussing the matter and apologizing for being unable to send a replacement upper shaft section for my poles since they were no longer in stock. The LEKI representative (Melanie) asked if it would be acceptable if they sent a replacement set of poles. Well, Ive got a new best friend! Of course it was acceptable.

This afternoon the UPS truck dropped off a new set of LEKI Thermolite XL AS poles.

LEKI products aren't the cheapest you can find. In fact, they're probably closer to the top of the price scale. One thing I have learned over the years is I have never been disappointed in a product when I purchased it based on quality, instead of price. In my view LEKI makes a quality product with a great warranty. Then, when something happens they stand behind their warranty 100%.

This kind of customer support is what causes customers for life. They can count on my business and recommendation.

LEKI, what a company!

The photo is from this past Saturday on the summit of Mount Madison, elev. 5366, the northern most peak in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire.