oldron - Bild 1
Do you see anything Leki in this picture? Sure you do, the blue Leki Bandannas. But what the dogs are looking at is my CARBONLITE ANTISHOCK LEKI TREKKING POLES. They know I am trying real hard to see if I can break these carbon trekking poles hiking in cold weather. Someone said to me, "carbon poles might break in cold weather," I have not found that to be true, and I have now even used them snow shoeing, in very cold weather. I have banged them on rocks, and stepped on them, and seriously abused these carbon poles and they are still in fine shape and working perfectly. They are lighter, quieter, and easier to adjust than metal poles. In fact the CARBONLITE ANTISHOCK TREKKING POLES are better in cold weather than any other Trekking pole I have used. They cost a little more, but in the long run they are worth every cent, that is, if you want the very best Leki Trekking poles made.