Bryce Coy


I am a Geology student at Utah State, so naturally I am constantly in the field. This last weekend we took a trip to Zion to look at some of the formations, and since I had never been there I decided to hike Angel's Landing at the end of the day after our work was done. At the first outcrop we studied I made the unfortunate decision to jump over the river. Upon landing on the other side my right decided it did not want to hold my weight. This resulted in a very bad sprained ankle.
Our group consisted of 20 people and among them was a 54 year old man, Mark. Luckily for me Mark happened to have some pain killer and a trekking pole. Now up until last weekend I considered trekking poles to be tools for the weak and inexperienced. I spent the rest of the weekend with that pole in my hand, and because of it I was able to do one of the park's hardest trails, Angel's Landing. Keep in mind that Angel's Landing is 5 miles round trip, and a 1200' ascent. I attribute my victory to the Leki pole. I am now saving money for a pair of my own, and once I have them I won't go into the field without them. For all of you who think trekking poles are pointless it is only because you haven't tried them.

Thank you Leki

Bryce Coy Logan, Utah