I have the good fortune to own the first pair of LEKI Super Makalu poles (with shock absorbers) imported into the U. S. in the 1980s by LEKI USA. (This was prompted by me reading about famous alpinists that used the Super Makalu's for approaches to climbs, etc.) The Leki poles have served me well for countless miles of hiking over granite, ice, and other difficult surfaces. Several times they've saved me from injury where I momentarily lost my balance and would have landed on sharp rocks. The shock absorption feature has helped my knees over the years, and I wouldn't even think about going for a hike without them. When sections on the two poles finally gave way after 20+ years (due to my unintentional damage) LEKI USA was kind enough to replace those sections at no charge. In the 1980s when I first started using the LEKI Super Makalu's I would get the wise mouth statement of "where's the snow?" when I'd be hiking on decomposed granite. These days that rarely happens, which is a testament to the public becoming much more aware of the health and safety benefits of LEKI poles. This is an absolute five star product along with LEKI USA that backs up their product. I highly recommended these poles and LEKI USA to all.