oldron - Bild 1
Little TyVeeJ is looking at my new Leki Carbonlite AERGON T635 2131 AERGON Grip SpeedLock Locking System Trekking poles. These poles have only been used so far for snowshoeing and I am glad to report they are much faster than the twist lock system I normally use. With just a flip of the lock one can change lengths so fast and easily they promote taking advantage of using the correct pole length for the conditions (thank you Jayah). I change pole lengths a lot so I was really interested in carbon poles with the Speed Locking System (light and fast). I was not disappointed. They do not have a suspension, I was a bit concerned about that. But in snow who needs a suspension After the snow goes away I will be testing them under normal hiking conditions to see if these carbon poles absorb enough shock to make a suspension unnecessary. Congratulations Leki for this new SpeedLock Locking System. I have not been able to make it fail, it is very user friendly, and very light. oldron