LEKI saved my life!!!!nI just bought the Leki Corklite Antishock series before my latest backpacking trip. I had never used poles before and decided to try them out. Little did I know, that they would literally save my life! I was walking around camp after I setup camp. I just used my poles to walk close to 6 miles that day, so I was tired. I went down to the creek to look around and then it happened. I was 30 miles from cell service or help and fell backwards. I hit my head hard. I lost my vision and really hurt myself. I later found out I had a massive concussion and a lot of brain swelling. I had to walk my self out of the backcountry while still dizzy, disorientated, throwing up, and with fuzzy vision. I used my poles to bring myself and my 40 pound pack out safely. I almost fell over 20 times but those poles saved from a long fall off the cliff edges I had to walk down. I got help after a local forest ranger found me nearly a mile from the trailhead. Without those poles I would have died out in the wilderness. Thanks for a great product Leki! I will never go anywhere without them again. This happened to me on 8/29/12. I have never been so happen I bought a piece of gear.nn~Peter