Myles Moser

Myles Moser - Bild 1
We were on the side of Keeler Needle which is Part of the Mt. Whitney Massif at 14,000ft for six days establishing a new free climbing route in the middle of winter. The storms were non-stop intense, forcing us to bail. We returned for another push up the wall. We hit the summit after ten days with lots gear, no water and a killer adventure. Leki helped us get to the base in terrible conditions and safely got us down. I have attached some Photos that I figured would work in the advertisement area if you are interested. My Climbing Partner and Girlfriend will be heading to Torres Del Paine for four months to climb 4,000ft vertical walls.Would Leki like to join? Let me know if you would like to be part of the Adventure. We were hoping you might like the photos for an exchange of poles.