Ray Hicks

This is more of a question then a story but I will include a story. I met one of your Reps at Wylisie Center at Neels Gap just north of Blood Mtn. on the Appalachian Trail. He said that you could recondition any pair of poles no matter what shape they were in. I told him I had a pair with approximatly 5000 miles on them and they were shot. I've hiked the AT to North Sydney , Nova Scotia , attempted Mt. Hood , and done extensive hiking in Hawaii . This poles saved me from probably a broken leg or worse as I slipped on a rock in Pennsylvania , went sliding towards a cliff until I jammed one in a tree at the last second , to break my slide. I really don't think these poles can be saved but I'm willing to let you try if you are interested in them. Thank you, Ray Hicks