Expedition Outreach

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Expedition Outreach is a team of athletes & explorers from the New England area. In August my team will be setting out on an expedition to Iceland that will kick off a series of trips around the world from Costa Rica to New Zealand & Africa where we will explore climbing rock & ice & traversing mountain ranges, using SCUBA gear & river running. After each expedition we will race locally in a triathlon or marathon all to raise awareness of heart disease testing.

Sometime ago I had heart failure in the transition zone of a triathlon equivalent to 2 massive heart attacks that was related to an assault that happened on duty as a Massachusetts State Trooper, when a man tried to kill me for no other reason than the uniform I was wearing. My doctors told me I had an ejection fraction of 15, a measurement of the amount of oxygen that leaves the heart, & had roughly 5 years to live & would never SCUBA dive or climb again. The heart failure was related to sleep apnea that I sustained due to the head injury I sustained during the assault, something I could have been tested for if I had known at the time about the correlation.

As a lifelong athlete I was devastated, I was forced to retire & now I train full time to rehab my heart & extend my life span. In 1 year I have improved my E.F. to 45%, not normal but something my doctors thought unprecedented. I desire now to come back stronger than ever: Inspiring all those who have experienced adversity in their lives.

In Iceland I will attempt to climb the highest peak Mount Hvannadalshnukur & set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest 'Alpine' face first Luge. I currently hold the 'Official' World Record for the highest altitude Luge run in Bolivia. We will also explore the Silfra Fissure, a rift in the rock where the continents of Europe & North America meet along with descending down into the many lava tube caves in the area.

My team & I take the publicity we receive from our 'extreme' sporting & mountaineering adventures, expeditions & races & focus it on education & awareness: In my life I have broadcasted live from the summit of a previously unclimbed peak in Alaska across the nation on ABC Television & named it Mount Hope, in the symbolism of the world working together to fight disease instead of each other, as a former US Marine I know too well about the effects of war. We were also the first to Wakeboard the Amazon River complete with Crocodiles & Piranha to & wreck diving in Iceberg Alley. We first capture the attention & imaginations of our audience in order to better educate.

When I was told I had roughly 5 years left my wife Serenity; a Registered nurse & athlete we call 'Cheetah Girl' as she dresses up as a Cheetah for all her races to raise awareness for the highly endangered Cheetah, planned these Wild Heart Expeditions & Races. Serenity is on the road to her first Ironman triathlon in New Zealand in 2 years, In Iceland she will race in the Reykjavik Marathon. Iceland starts the filming for our extreme sports documentary designed to educate about the importance of facing our fears to understand the nature of this planet & our own hearts.