John Attaway III

I was an avid cyclist until 2007, when a mountain bike accident shattered my left hip (acetabular fracture). It took 3 surgeries, 16 screws, 3 plates,a Birmingham hip resurfacing, and 2 years of rehab to put me back together. I discovered Nordic Walking while limping around with severe post-traumatic arthritis awaiting the Birmingham surgery (which was in 2009). I found that I could NW and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as trying to walk with a cane. So I trained for my Birmingham hip replacement surgery by Nordic Walking. It got me in great shape for the surgery and made my recovery a much quicker and more successful process than what many experience. I now NW about 1,000 miles a year, and enjoy doing 5k's and half-marathons. I'm the only Nordic Walker at the events I've entered so far, but people are really interested in my Leki poles, especially when I place in an event that is mainly for runners! I was pleased to win 2d place in my age division Nordic Walking in a recent 5k! I used to be a runner (full time, before I took up cycling), and I learned the hard way that there are two kinds of runners: those who are injured, and those who are going to be. But there's only one kind of Nordic Walker: happy. I'm so glad I discovered the sport of Nordic Walking when I could barely walk, and it has definitely brought me as good a level of fitness as I had as a runner or a cyclist, and much enjoyment.