Trekking Definitions

GRIPS - Where your hands grab the poles. There are different Grips on models in each series of poles. Material, Shape and Positive Angle are a few distinguishing features.

    • COR-TEC
    • Thermo Foam
    • SOFT Rubber
    • AERGON - LEKI’s latest innovation is AERGON (air + ergonomics) technology, which is infused into a trendsetting grip - the lightest in LEKI history.
      • Revolutionary, edgeless outer shape can either be palmed or held traditionally, for a variety of gripping options
      • Rubberized and dimpled top provides a comfortable, textured grip
      • Large support area on top of the grip for secure hold
      • Extremely lightweight shell cavity construction
      • Integrated security strap
      • Developed in cooperation with professional mountain guides
    • 15° Positive Angle - Located just below the Grip this bend integrated into the upper shaft section places your wrist in a neutral and relaxed position. 15° Positive Angle pole models were sold prior to 2005.
    • Ergometric - Shape and design incorporates the Positive Angle INTO the grip. The main benefit is the smaller packing size of the pole by up to 4"
    • Straight - The Grip is not positioned in a Positive Angle
    • Cane style - Shaped like a cane but easier on the wrist possibly reducing strain

STRAPS - LEKI straps cradle your hands which may reduce the discomfort from grasping the grips too tightly. The straps help keep your hands in a relaxed position. For optimal comfort and security, always remember to put your hands up through the bottoms of the straps. If you put your hands down through the tops of the straps or twist the straps you will lose support and the straps will feel uncomfortable.

  • Automatic Comfort Strap - the adjustment comes from a cam inside that locks the strap length with downward pressure of the hand.
  • P2 Strap- has a one-touch strap adjustment with an external locking tab

Antishock - Just like the springs on your bike or car, it absorbs shock! LEKI Antishock is available a few different ways depending on the model and the year it was manufactured. You can tell which Antishock your poles have by looking on the upper section. You should see an icon or words that describe which system is present. SAS and TSS are located in the middle section of your pole, while SAS-L is in the lower section.

STOP MAX MARK - You should not use your LEKI poles extended beyond the STOP MAX mark! This reference point is a visual reminder not to extend your poles for use past this area. If you get to the "Stop Max" mark when adjusting them during use, just slide the section back in very carefully and re-tighten.

However, it is perfectly fine to take your LEKI poles apart to clean them (never lubricate them). When doing so, loosen the sections and use a quick motion to pull the sections apart. If you get to the STOP MAX mark at this point and the poles don't come apart, loosen a bit more and try again.

SAS-L - Soft Antishock System Lite is the only system located in the LOWER section of your pole. You have constant benefit of the feature with this system, as there is no on/off.

SAS - Soft Antishock System - A combination of steel spring and Elastomer provides a smooth and precise Antishock action which can be turned on and off.

TSS - Triple Spring System - Offers three different spring settings. Each is useful for different terrain and personal preference.

SpeedLock - SpeedLock is a completely new system using unique design features to achieve the high locking force and adjustment security that is up to 10 times stronger than other external locks. The red locking lever is a readily identifiable feature of LEKI's new super-fast adjustment technology. The SpeedLock mechanism offers the highest locking force of any external adjustment system on the market, far exceeding the TÜV standard. The simple and easy to use mechanism adjusts quickly and securely even when wearing gloves or when used in rain, ice or snow. Fast, Easy and Reliable.

  • Integrated stainless steel pressure plate allows the red locking lever to apply a vice-like grip on the shaft section to be locked.
  • The fiberglass reinforced polyamide lock mechanism resists stretching unlike other external locks, so SpeedLock poles can be shipped and stored in the locked position without reducing the strength or integrity of the locking strength.
  • The easily accessible "Speed Dial" can be adjusted to provide more locking power (if needed) in extreme conditions.

STANDARD EXPANDER SYSTEM (Classic Locking System) -

  • Standard Expander System is a split dowel that opens inside to lock the length adjustment in place.


  • Super Lock System (SLS) is an Expander/screw locking system that was proven to be the strongest by TÜV, an independent testing lab.
  • LEKI SLS has 140kg holding force and 360° reverse turn security.

BASKETS - Keeps the poles from slipping into mud and soft soil (practice environmental stewardship by using your Baskets!)

  • LEKI Performance Baskets can be swapped out to Snowflake Baskets (#8-575-003) for snowshoeing! Our Pointers, Tips on usage and upkeep document will help teach you how to change your baskets.

Carbide Flextip - The flexible tip can bend up to 30° without damaging the pole shafts. The use of Carbide provides optimal grip on rock and ice surfaces.

  • To replace the Carbide Flextip, position an open crescent wrench around the pole shaft section, and using a quick motion, whack the Carbide Flextip off. Do this with the tip facing downward to avoid injury

Rubber Tip - Fits over the end of the Carbide Flextip for use indoors and on pavement ONLY. Great for inline skating.