I. Obligations to provide information to consumers

We, LEKI Lenhart GmbH, provide (among other things) services to consumers. Consumers are prohibited from benefiting from the services that we offer exclusively to companies. If the services we provide to consumers take place by way of distance selling, then as per Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 (1) and (2) of the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code (“Einführungsgesetz zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch,” or “EGBGB”), we are obligated to inform the consumer as follows:

1. Company name and address for service

LEKI Austria GmbH
represented by Heinz Redler, CEO
Wolfurterstrasse 4
6923 Lauterach

VAT identification number: ATU35758300
Limited liability company
Commercial register court: Feldkirch
Company registration number: 71155s
Purpose of business: Sale of sporting goods, in particular ski pole

For more information, please see the imprint page on our website: www.leki.at

2. Main characteristics and prices of goods and services

The main characteristics of our goods and services, as well as their prices (including all taxes), can be found on our website alongside the presentation and description of said goods or services.

3. Delivery costs

Delivery costs are displayed in detail on the order summary page before submitting your order, as well as in your shopping cart.

4. Payment, delivery, and fulfillment

Details regarding the payment of the purchase price, the delivery of the ordered goods, and the fulfillment of the order can be found in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) by clicking on the corresponding link on our website. We accept payments via the payment methods listed on our website. Orders are delivered as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the order is accepted. We fulfill our orders by having one of the authorized dealers in our dealer network deliver the ordered goods for us, or by delivering the order ourselves. Your order is delivered to the delivery address you provide while placing your order.

5. Information on the right of withdrawal

We hereby wish to inform customers of their right of withdrawal and provide a sample withdrawal letter that can be used for this purpose.

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days for any reason whatsoever. This period of 14 days begins on the day you or a third party designated by you (but not the carrier) receives the order. Customers wishing to exercise their right of withdrawal must clearly express this wish in writing (e.g., letter, fax, email). The following sample withdrawal letter can be used but is not mandatory. Customers who wish to exercise their right of withdrawal must send their requests before the end of the cancellation period.

The cancellation is to be made in writing to:

LEKI Austria GmbH
Wolfurterstraße 4
6923 Lauterach

Or by telephone: 0 55 74 / 62 0 60
Or by fax: 0 55 74 / 62 0 60 - 99
Or by email: info@leki.at; service@leki.at; shop@leki.at

Refunds and returns following cancellations

If you decide to exercise your right of withdrawal, we will immediately issue a refund for any payments received (including delivery fees, except for those that surpass the standard, least expensive delivery option available at the time of the order), or no later than 14 days from the day we receive your request to cancel your order. Unless expressly agreed otherwise with you, the refund will be made via the payment method that you used to place your order. In no case will you be charged any fees relating to the refund.

We reserve the right to refuse to issue a refund until we have received the goods back from you, or until you have provided proof that you have in fact returned the goods, whichever comes first.

You must immediately return your order (personally or by mail) to LEKI Austria GmbH, or at the very latest within 14 days from the day upon which you notified us of your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal. This deadline is considered met if you send the goods before the end of the 14-day period.

You will only be required to pay for losses in the value of delivered goods if we determine that said losses result from your handling of the goods in an inappropriate manner (i.e., beyond the usual testing of the condition, properties, and functioning of the goods).

End of the cancellation period

6. Costs for using our website

In general, the use of our website is free (except for the costs of your regular Internet service). In the rare event that additional costs arise, we will explicitly inform you before you submit your order.

7. Acceptance of orders

Neither the prices, information, nor product descriptions on our website are legally binding. Instead, by ordering goods on our website, you make a binding offer to enter into a sales contract with us. This sales contract is only considered concluded when we explicitly accept your order. We will send you an email (to the email address provided while placing the order) accepting or rejecting your offer.
If we accept your offer, then your order will be forwarded to our authorized network of dealers in accordance with our GTC (cf. “Preamble”).  If none of our authorized dealers are in possession of and/or are able to ship the goods, we will ship the goods ourselves. Due to this special arrangement, it can sometimes take longer for orders to be accepted than on other websites. As soon as we determine which dealer will send the goods, you will receive the above-mentioned order acceptance email. The sales contract is accepted within 2 days of the receipt of the order.

8. Minimum term of contracts involving permanent or recurring services

Contracts for permanent or recurring services cannot be concluded on our website.

9. Period of validity of the price or offer

Information on returns, refunds, and your right of withdrawal can be found in our GTC. You will also be explicitly informed of your right to cancel, return, or obtain a refund (including any restrictions relating thereto) before we accept your order.

10. Customer service and warranties

Customer service, repair services, and claims for defects (and the like) can be requested and filed at any time by writing to the above-mentioned address for service, as well as via the other contact methods found on the imprint page of our website. You are entitled to all the usual legal warranties. If a special warranty is offered, we will provide this information alongside the description of the good or service.

11. Total price

The total price (and its breakdown) of each product and service you wish to order is clearly defined on our website, as well as in your shopping cart. These prices always include VAT. Delivery and/or shipping costs are broken down on the summary page before you submit your order. Any additional costs that are not displayed or listed before you submit your order do not apply (in particular, costs that are not paid through us). For more information, please see our GTC.


II. The conclusion of contracts as per § 9 of the German E-Commerce Act (“ECG” or “E-Commerce-Gesetz”)

1. Individual technical steps leading to the conclusion of a contract

Please see our GTC for information on the individual technical steps that lead to concluded sales contracts with our customers.

2. Saving and provision of contracts

After the contract is concluded, we save the content of the contract for our own purposes. If you have created a customer account on our website while placing an order, you can log in to this account to obtain a history of your concluded sales contracts. This is a free additional service which we reserve the right to discontinue at any time. Upon placing an order on our website, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt with the sales contract by email. You must save or print this order confirmation to ensure you are in possession of a permanent copy of the content of the contract. In addition, the GTC that are valid at the time of the order must always be considered part of this content. Our GTC can be saved or printed at any time from our website. We are not obliged to make the content of a contract available permanently once said contract has been concluded. In case of doubt, our GTC always apply.

3. Review and correction of errors

Once you have finished entering your customer information and clicked on the corresponding button, you will be directed to a page containing a summary of your order including the prices of your ordered goods and your customer information. On this page, you will be given the opportunity to review and modify both your ordered goods and your customer information. A binding offer is only made when you confirm your order and information by clicking on the corresponding button. Please make sure all the information is correct before confirming your order.

4. Contractual languages

German is used for all contracts.

5. Relevant codes of conduct

We are not subject to any codes of conduct.


Last updated: March 2013