Speed S Airfoil

This pole will give you wings. The Airfoil profile of the Speed S is modelled on wings. This results in reduced drag and optimises turning. Made from high-strength 6.5 HTS aluminium, the Speed S offers tremendous levels of stability and safety. Weighing in at 250 g per pole, the Speed S is extremely light. The anatomically formed Slalom grip with four finger grooves and the Trigger S safety system make it the perfect companion for high-energy slope runs.
Order number: 6406796

Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort.

Aluminium HTS

Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.

Cobra Alpin

Ideal to hit the slopes. Tool-less basket replacement.

Flex Tip Alpine

More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

The perfect combination. The Trigger S poles and Trigger S gloves together provide for outstanding skiing enjoyment and superior comfort.

Series Unisex
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger S (All Mountain - Slalom)
Strap Trigger S (Vario)
Segments 1-teilig
Tube diameter 14 mm
Shaft material Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
Basket Alpine (Cobra)
Tip Flex Tip (Alpine)
Length/Size 110 - 135 cm in 5 cm steps
Weight 214 g / Unit bei einer Länge von 115 cm

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