CC 300

You're looking for a low cost carbon pole weighing less than 100 grams, good swing action and energy-saving power transfer? Then the CC 300 is for you. With the Trigger Shark 1 system for quickly clicking out of the strap and grip.
Order number: 6434063

Instead of: $59.95*

Trigger 1 FRT

The classic first generation strap for easy click-in and click-out

Trigger 1 V2 Strap

The classic individually adjustable strap for easy click-in and click-out.


Carbon shafts to meet the highest weight and stiffness demands.

Racing Lite Basket

Ideal basket on soft snow and fresh ski tracks.

Series Performance
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger 1 FRT CorTec
Strap Trigger 1 (Nordic)
Tube diameter 16 mm
Shaft material Carbon
Basket Cross Country (Racing Lite)
Tip Cross Country
Length/Size 130 - 165 cm in 5 cm steps
Weight 91 g / m

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