Klaus Lenhart

01. Mai 1955 - 30. April 2012


" A charismatic visionary who deserved respect, admiration and the highest regard in the whole industry for his straightforwardness. He was a passionate entrepreneur who responsibly managed nearly 250 employees together with his wife Waltraud.

His inner drive and courage to make far-reaching, sometimes unconventional decisions laid the foundation for numerous innovations and patents, turning LEKI thereby into the worldwide technology and market leader in pole and glove systems "

Klaus Lenhart

"He was admired as a mentor and inspired all those who had the opportunity to meet him."

In his youth, Klaus Lenhart himself was a ski racer with the Swabian Ski Federation, participating from time to time in racing events afterwards. He felt great joy and pride on seeing LEKI skiers on the World Cup's podium. His pleasure was even greater at the sight of children and young people taking part in ski races. He had always supported numerous international, national and regional junior ski race with the coveted LEKI prizes.

For this reason, LEKI seeks to promote the involvement of Klaus Lenhart even further with a very special race. The "LEKI Race Challenge", an event to be know as the Klaus Lenhart Memorial Race, will be created with the support of the Mittlere Alb district of the Swabian Ski Federation and that of other clubs involved. Demanding ski races, top organised events and coveted prizes to get children excited.

Klaus Lenhart & Reinhold Messner

Klaus Lenhart and Reinhold Messner present the ISPO Outdoor Award for the "Ultralite Titan".

LEKI has been honoured as an ISPO partner from its very early days.

Indeed, the world leader in pole and glove systems from Kirchheim has been an exhibitor at ISPO for as long as this has been in operation, i.e. 40 years now. Petra Griessel from Messe München rejoiced on handing over the award to LEKI's CEO, Klaus Lenhart. On the occasion, she noted that very few exhibitors could claim this long tradition, experience and success.