Contour Binding Basket

It's steep, the subsurface is hard, and you need the full support of your touring poles. This is what you get with the Contour Basket. The special design allows the tip of the pole to grip like an ice pick. This makes removing the tip of the pole a thing of the past. The basket has a diameter of 75 mm and works in powder of course. In combination with the Contour pole tip it can be changed effortlessly.
N. articolo 853700
€ 9,95 / coppia*

Tempo di consegna circa 4-7 giorni

Fin Vario Set


€ 44,95

€ 19,95

€ 34,95

Accessori Pezzi di ricambio
Pezzi di ricambio Rotella
Lunghezza / Formato 75 mm

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