Worldcup Race Speed 3D

The Worldcup Race Speed 3D made of fitting sheepskin is a real highlight in a racing look. The thin gloves convince with an amazing fit and are therefore the perfect companion on warm days. With the integrated Trigger 3D system, the gloves can be quickly attached and released from the pole. The new Trigger 3D system is compatible with all previous Trigger S poles.
Order number: 650801301


Glove with integrated Trigger Loop for maximum safety and comfort. Perfectly combinable with all Trigger S and Trigger 3D poles.

Race Fit

The built-in pads and protectors deliver uncompromising racing performance.


Heat level based on:

  • Shell, Insulation and Lining Materials
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Fit and Construction


Use of water-resistant multilayer laminates and functional components for maximum water repellency.
Water resistance Waterresistant
Serie Worldcup Race
Konstruktion Trigger Loop
Fit Advanced Pre-Curve
Race Fit
Warmth level Spring
Features Flex Cuff
Material Neoprene (60% Gummi, 40% Nylon)
Sheepskin (100% Leder)
Handfläche Sheepskin (100% Leder)
Zusatzinformation Enthält nichttextile Teile tierischen Ursprungs.
Isolierung Hyperloft (100% Polyester)
Lining Micro Bemberg (100% Polyester)
length 6.5 - 11.0

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