Nordic Tune Shark Boa®

The Nordic Tune Shark Boa® is writing a new chapter in glove development. It is the first cross country glove with the BOA system. This patented quick release system allows individual adjustment to the hand. Just turn the BOA wheel and the glove feels like a second skin. As a result, LEKI achieves perfect control of the pole and optimised power distribution in the hand. Combined with the Trigger Shark system, MF Touch and high-quality 4-way stretch materials, the Nordic Tune Shark Boa is a cross country glove in a class of its own and ahead of its time.

Order number: 643910301

  • Optimal power spread on the hand
  • Quick adjust and release
  • Perfect fit
  • Controlled stabalized position

Nordic Race Fit

Gloves with special racing-cut for top performance.

Active Skin

Heat level based on:

  • Shell, Insulation and Lining Materials
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Fit and Construction

Hydrophobic Fibers

Materials with hydrophobic fibre properties.


Full control of smartphones and navigation devices also on cold days. The specially developed material allows the operation of capacitive touch screens with your gloves on.

"Boa finds its perfect field of application in this glove. It not only ensures the perfect fit of the integrated loop system, but also improves power transmission to the pole.“ said this year’s ISPO Awards jury on presenting the ISPO Gold Award for the XC Hardware category to LEKI’s Nordic Tune Shark Boa®.
Water resistance Hydrophobic Fibers
Award ISPO Award Gold Winner 2018
Serie Unisex
Worldcup Race
Konstruktion Trigger Shark | Boa®
Fit Nordic Race Fit
Warmth level Active Skin
Features Active Light Construction
Flex Cuff
mf touch
Material Softspan (80% Nylon, 20% Elastan)
Handfläche AX Suede (80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethan)
length 6.0 - 11.0

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