HRC max F

The HRC MAX F is equipped with the newly developed LEKI Nordic FRT Grip system. The strap and two-component grip made of natural cork are firmly connected and thus ensure optimal power transfer. A special anti-slip zone at the upper end of the grip allows for perfect pole guidance. In addition, the HRC MAX F has an ergonomically shaped correction zone on the grip head. So you always have full control over every phase of the swing.
Order number: 6434002

Nordic FRT

  • Fixed connection: best power transmission
  • Special anti slip construction
  • Two component material with natural cork

FRT Frame Strap

  • Optimized fit
  • Wide shape
  • One Piece - 360° inner hand

HMC Worldcup

The carbon pole used by the worlds best. Lighter and more stable than ever before.

Fin Vario (Cross Country)

Fast and easy exchange of the basket size for all kinds of track conditions. Exchange from winter basket to summer roller basket. Fits 8mm and 9mm cones.
Serie Worldcup Race
Konstruktion Fixlänge
Griff Nordic FRT
Schlaufe FRT Frame Strap
Rohrdurchmesser 16 mm
Rohrmaterial HRC Worldcup Carbon
Teller Fin Vario (Winter Basket)
Spitze Cross Country
length 150 - 180 cm in 2,5 cm Schritten
Weight 55 g / m

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