XTA 5.5

The XTA 5.5 is a top-class aluminium pole. At 94 grams, it is only slightly heavier than a carbon pole and thus has a similar swing action. With anatomically shaped and infinitely adjustable strap and one-component grip, it transfers your power to the ground without loss of force. With the Trigger Shark 2.0 system for quick loosening of the strap and grip.
Order number: 6434943

Superior comfort, maximum power transfer, easy handling.

Trigger Shark Strap

Perfectly cut and individually adjustable for optimum comfort.


Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.

Racing Lite Basket

Ideal basket on soft snow and fresh ski tracks.

Serie Performance
Konstruktion Fixlänge
Griff Trigger Shark 2.0 (1-Component)
Schlaufe Trigger Shark (PT-3)
Rohrdurchmesser 16 mm
Rohrmaterial Aluminium (HTS 5.5)
Teller Cross Country (Racing Lite)
Spitze Cross Country
length 130 - 160 cm in 5 cm steps
Weight 94 g / m

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