The Time Out provides a seating height of 30 cm and impresses with a folded size of 9 x 11 x 35 cm. Weighing in at just 860 g, it is the lightweight champion of LEKI's folding equipment range.
Order number: 6493006

Easy set-up

Due to its clever function, the folding chair is set up and disassembled again in a matter of seconds!

In lightweight design of processed glass fibre-reinforced plastic for high stability with low weight.

Flex Seat

Extremely robust.
Mesh ventilation.
Super comfortable.

HTS 6.5 aluminium

High-strength aluminium shafts for stable, secure support. Slender shaft diameter for light weight.


Handy transport. Additional storage space. Easy to attach with hook & loop fastener..


Can be easily attached on the left and right with hook & loop fastener.


Rubber feet with six teeth for an optimal foothold.

Cup Holder

Foldables & Accessories

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Foldables & Accessories

Table XS Lite

Foldables & Accessories
Sitzmaterial 100% Polyamid
Kategorie Foldables
Foldables Features Spielerischer Aufbau & Abbau
Flex Seat
Rohrmaterial HTS 6.5 Aluminium
Konstruktion Speed Fold (Chair)
length Größe aufgebaut: 69 x 44 x 49 cm | Sitzhöhe: 30 cm
Weight 860 g / Unit ohne Tasche & Getränkehalter
Pack size 9 x 11 x 35 cm
Hinweis Belastbarkeit: bis zu 145 kg (bei standardgemäßem Gebrauch)

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