Is Nordic walking your passion? Then the Passion is the right pole for you. Made from 60 carbon, it is incredibly light and offers great turning. The natural cork grip impresses with its good handling and control. The strap can be quickly released from the pole thanks to the Trigger 1 System. The Speed Tip brings your energy to the route without loss of power.
Order number: 6492525

Trigger 1 FRT

The classic first generation strap for easy click-in and click-out

Trigger 1 V2 Strap

The classic individually adjustable strap for easy click-in and click-out.

60% carbon composite

High stiffness with low weight for optimised swing action.


For precise pole planting and a perfect hold on whatever surface.

Power Grip Pad

Optimum grip on paved surfaces with a long lifespan. Made of vulcanised material.

Serie Women
Konstruktion Fixlänge
Griff Trigger 1 FRT CorTec
Schlaufe Trigger 1 (Nordic)
Segmente 1-teilig
Rohrdurchmesser 16 mm
Rohrmaterial Carbon Composite (600)
Spitze Speed Tip
Gummipuffer Power Grip Pad
length 100 - 120 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 167 g / Unit bei einer Länge von 115 cm

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