Micro Flash Carbon

With the new Micro Flash Carbon you are now even faster on the mountain! The Micro Flash Carbon is made for all trail runners who move on challenging terrain and want to be featured with the best equipment. The 192 g lightweight carbon folding pole is equipped with the Trigger Shark 2.0 system and the newly designed Shark Frame Strap Mesh. The strap made of highly breathable mesh material with an optimized fit is expanded and encloses the hand securely and tightly. With the help of the push button, the Micro Flash Carbon can be folded up to 37cm pack size in a in a matter of seconds. The new, lightweight and alignment-free trail running tip has a secure grip on all surfaces. Test the new Micro Flash Carbon and yourself!

Order number: 65125821

Superior comfort, maximum power transfer, easy handling.

Frame Strap Mesh

  • Breathable Trigger Shark Strap made of mesh
  • Optimized fit
  • Wide shape
  • One Piece - 360° inner hand


Lightweight with the smallest pack size. Ideal poles for climbing, trail running, small tours or to take along on the road.


For precise pole planting, uncompromising grip and major weight savings.

Serie Unisex
Konstruktion Faltstöcke | PB
Griff Trigger Shark 2.0 (2-Component)
Schlaufe Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)
Segmente 4-teilig
Rohrdurchmesser 16|14 mm
Rohrmaterial Carbon (100% Carbon)
Oberteil 100% Carbon
Unterteil 100% Carbon
Spitze Trail Tip
length 105 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 192 g / Unit bei einer Länge von 115 cm
Pack size 33 cm

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