Micro Vario Carbon

Do you love sporty trekking and are often on the go? The Micro Vario Carbon, equipped with lots of details, supports you uphill and downhill and helps you save energy. In addition to the anatomically formed AERGON Thermo Long Grip and the super simple Speed Lock 2 Adjustment System comes the newly developed ELD External Locking Device, which ensures more stability and safety on the mountain thanks to its special construction. The pole can be folded together to a pack size of 40 cm at the push of a button and can be stored in any backpack. Weighing in at just 240 g, it is a real all-rounder.

Order number: 6492062

Edgeless and ultralight Aergon Thermo grip for a comfortable fit in every hand.

Lock Security Strap - Skin

The LEKI Skin Strap is an ultra-lightweight, highly breathable strap offering maximum comfort with minimum weight.

Thermo Long

Thermal extension for a comfortable fit in every hand


  • Special construction for even more stability and safety
  • Easy to handle – a push button releases the pole tension


Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 20% higher holding force as SL 1.

100% Pure carbon

Pure carbon for pure joy. Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.

Trekking Basket 2.0

  • Compatible with every Flextip
  • Effective protection against sinking in


More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

Serie Unisex
Konstruktion Faltstöcke | ELD
Griff + Thermo Long
Aergon (Thermo)
Schlaufe Lock Security Strap (Skin)
Segmente 5-teilig
Rohrdurchmesser 18|16|14|14|14 mm
Rohrmaterial 100% Carbon (Pure)
Oberteil 100% Carbon (Pure)
Unterteil 100% Carbon (Pure)
Verstellsystem Speed Lock 2
Teller Trekking 2.0
Spitze Flex Tip (Short)
length 110 - 130 cm Infinitely adjustable
Adjustment area 110 - 130 cm
Weight 240 g / Unit
Pack size 40 cm

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