Worldcup Racing Comp Jr.

Anyone who has seen the bright red pole with the yellow neon flash racing into the valley at a World Cup race knows that many top athletes from different national teams trust LEKI. This pole is for young athletes who want to emulate their idols. The Trigger S Compact grip with the new Frame Strap with elastic element provides the ultimate grip and automatically releases when falling to minimise the risk of injury in the arms and shoulders. The high-quality carbon composite material and the slim 14/12 shaft ensure optimum swing action and precise pole use.
Order number: 6436520
£79.95 / Pair*
Please contact your local sports shop for the supply of LEKI products.

Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort.

Adapter Cap

Enables assembly of LEKI Gate Guards the LEKI GoPro™ Compatible Adapter.


  • Fast and easy click-in and out
  • Perfect fit
  • 360° comfort

Aluminium & Carbon

Durable aluminium upper segment, super light and stiff carbon lower segment for perfect turns with minimum weight.

Flex Tip Alpine

More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

The perfect combination. The Trigger S poles and Trigger S gloves together provide for outstanding skiing enjoyment and superior comfort.



# Yes
Series Unisex
Worldcup Race
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger S (All Mountain - Slalom)
Adapter Trigger S Cap
Strap Trigger S (Frame Strap)
Tube diameter 14|12 mm
Shaft material Aluminium | Carbon
Top Aluminium (HTS 5.5)
Lower part Carbon Composite
Basket 50 mm
Tip Flex Tip (Alpine)
Length / Size 90 - 120 cm in 5 cm steps
Weight 226 g / Pair bei einer Länge von 105 cm

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