Mezza Race

The Mezza Race is a touring pole designed for high-intensity, high-speed activities. The carbon composite material provides maximum stability and very low weight. The two-component cork grip is equipped with the Trigger Shark 2.0 system. This allows you to release the grip in a flash and keep your hands free. The XS Contour Binding Basket reliably grips all surfaces - levering out the tip of the pole is a thing of the past. It is available in lengths from 110 cm to 150 cm.
Order number: 64940641
£134.95 / Pair*
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Superior comfort, maximum power transfer, easy handling.

Frame Strap Mesh

  • Breathable Trigger Shark Strap made of mesh
  • Optimized fit
  • Wide shape
  • One Piece - 360° inner hand

60% carbon composite

High stiffness with low weight for optimised swing action.

Contour Compact

Secure grip and extreme hold especially in steep terrain – no levering out. Extremely light-weight and sturdy due to a special construction with edges and channels. No sticking or piling of snow due to a sophisticated design.


More precise and safe pole planting, especially in icy conditions.



Series Unisex
Worldcup Race
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger Shark 2.0 (2-Component)
Strap Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)
Segments 1-piece
Tube diameter 16 mm
Shaft material Carbon Composite (600)
Basket Touring | Backcountry (Contour Race)
Tip Contour Tip
Length / Size 110 - 150 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 164 g / Unit at a length of 130 cm

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