Product care


How do I take care of my gloves ?

Proper care can extend the life of your gloves in a significant manner. Before use, we recommend impregnating leather ski gloves for better dirt resistance. Moreover, it is advisable to treat leather parts regularly with commercial leather care. Proper care reduces cracks and abrasion and keeps the leather supple for longer.

Further, we recommend the gloves be properly ventilated, avoid packing them if damp or wet, and regularly wash dirt away with a damp cloth. Additionally, you may apply a gentle hand wash in lukewarm water with a low dose of mild detergent. Please avoid heavy-duty detergent. After washing, the gloves should be lightly wrung out and dried at room temperature. Drying with dryers, in the heater or using a hair-dryer can turn materials -especially leather- stiff and brittle and damage laminations. After drying, we recommend treating the textile parts again with commercial waterproofing spray and applying commercial leather balm to leather parts.


How do I take care of my vario poles?

LEKI poles will remain your reliable companion for many years if you inspect them from time to time. If necessary, only wipe with a dry cloth. Please do not use lubricants or oils and greases. Wear parts should be replaced from time to time depending on the condition.

After a tour, it is recommended to pull the stick apart and allow it to dry in its individual segments. Thus, no oxidation layer forms on the inside of the pipe. After assembly, your LEKI telescopic poles are ready for use again.



How do I take care of my folding poles?

LEKI folding poles will be your reliable companions for a long time, if you take care of them as follows:

Please unfold your wet or humid folding poles to their maximum length and dry the complete poles with a dry cloth. Then collapse the poles and dry all sleeves and connecting parts thoroughly with a cloth. Please disassemble your poles before you store them in a dry place.

Make sure, that no sand or other coarse dirt will get inside the segments of your folding pole, because this can impair its function in assembling, disassembling and in use and even damage the segments.


Which parts can be replaced?

LEKI products allow the replacement of any add-on and wearing parts (grips, straps, baskets, tips). However, only baskets provided with built-in threads should be directly replaced by customers. Please contact your LEKI distributor for bonded tips or grips. 


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