The Sub 1, Chiller and Breeze are compact, lightweight and comfortable folding chairs that do not need many numbers. What they need are campsites, festivals, beaches, river banks, bus stops, shooting stars, playgrounds, family trips, barbecue parties ... and of course YOU!  Your new LEKI folding chair sets up and packs away in a snap and you sit so comfortably that you will think twice about getting up. Find your place!

Model Number: C6403012
$89.95 / piece

Instead of: $129.95

This product is currently not available.

LEKI does not sell to customers located within the following states due to the prohibitive local tax laws – AL, LA and AZ.


A very clever design that allows the folding chair to be set up and disassembled again in a matter of seconds!

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Made of lightweight fiberglass reinforced plastic for strength and stability.


Extremely strong.
Mesh ventilation.
Super comfortable.

HTS 6.5 Aluminium

High-strength aluminium shafts for stable, secure support.
Slender shaft diameter for light weight.


Compact transport and storage.
Additional storage space.
Easy to attach with hook and loop fastener.


Can be easily attached on the left or right side with hook and loop fastener.


Rubber feet with six teeth for an optimal foothold.



Chairs & Accessories


Category Chairs
Seat Material 100% Polyamide
Chair Features Playful set-up
Flex Seat
Rubber Feet
Cup Holder
Construction Speed Fold
Shaft Material HTS 6.5 Aluminium
Length/Size Chair dimensions: 84x50x58 cm | Seat height: 41 cm
Weight 1140 grams
Pack size 14x12x38 cm
Hinweis Weight carrying capacity: up to 145 kg (by default use)

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Sub 1


Weight 1140 g (2.5 lbs) 940 g (2.0 lbs) 1090 g (2.4 lbs)
Pack size 14 x 12 x 38 cm (15x5.5x4.75 in) 14 x 12 x 33 cm (13x5.5x5.5 in) 14 x 12 x 33 cm (13x5.5x5.5 in)
Chair dimensions 84 x 50 x 58 cm 69 x 44 x 49 cm 69 x 44 x 49 cm
Seat height 41 cm (16.25 in) 30 cm (11.75 in) 30 cm (11.75 in)
Weight carrying capacity 145 kg* (320 lbs) 145 kg* (320 lbs) 145 kg* (320 lbs)
  * by default use