We never rest on our laurels. We review our performance daily. Today's challenges become tomorrow's solutions and products. We are constantly looking for better and more practical solutions for our demanding customers.

Grip Systems


The grip is the link between the hand and the pole and is therefore one of the most important components for power transfer, safety, comfort, lightness and durability. Different activities require focus on different attributes. This is why we have developed an individual grip-strap system for each sport..

Folding Systems


Folding poles are now standard equipment in many sports. Their small pack size and light weight make them an ideal companion. The most important feature of every folding pole is its folding system. Our systems place particular emphasis on durability, safety and ease of use. Based on these specifications, we have developed three different technologies.

Adjustment Systems


Adjustable-length poles are the optimal companions for mountain adventures. By adjusting the height, the pole can be adapted to all conditions. The pole can be slightly lengthened when going downhill and slightly shortened when going uphill. This "growing with you" pole is also ideal for teens.

Basket & Tip Systems


There are different tips and baskets for different sports. In addition to their various technical features, they also have different textures and functions. For us, it is particularly important that most of our basket and tip systems are interchangeable.