Mezza Race



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Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Colours naturalcarbon-bright red-neonyellow
The Mezza Race is a touring pole designed for high-intensity, high-speed activities. The carbon composite material provides maximum stability and very low weight. The two-component cork grip is equipped with the Trigger Shark 2.0 system. This allows you to release the grip in a flash and keep your hands free. The XS Contour Binding Basket reliably grips all surfaces - levering out the tip of the pole is a thing of the past. It is available in lengths from 110 cm to 150 cm.


The Shark System offers you an optimal power transfer thanks to a direct connection between the hand and the pole. Rapid clicking in and out are no problem and a safety release can protect against injury. All Shark straps and gloves are compatible with all Shark poles.

Shark 2.0

Flexible, multi-sport grip. It offers perfect power transfer and simple handling. That makes it ideal for cross-country skiing and Nordic walking, though it has also proven itself as an all-rounder in roller skiing and trail running.

Shark Frame Strap Mesh

Adjustable in a very few steps and individually customizable strap. It allows for rapid clicking in and out of the pole and is compatible with all Shark poles.

Grip extension

Grip extension for simple grip adjustment on steep terrain or when traversing.


Carbon CC (Carbon Composite) 600

Contour Binding Race Basket

Specially designed touring basket for racing with a short edge for adjusting bindings and a long edge for scraping icy ski skins. Offers a secure grip and hold, especially on steep terrain.

Contour Tip

Hardfacts for your poles

Activities: Touring | Backcountry, Ski Moutaineering
Age group: Adults
Gender: Unisex
Sizerun: 43 - 59 in (2 inch steps)
Construction: Fixed length
Weight: 175 g
Segments: 1
Segments diameter: 16 mm
Grip system : Shark System
Shaft geometry: No bend
Shaft shape: Cylindric
Grip: Trigger Shark 2.0
Strap: Shark Frame Strap Mesh
Grip extension: 1K Foam
Shaft material: Carbon (CC 600)
Basket: Contour Binding Race
Tip: Contour Tip
Tip size: One size