A clever technology that allows you to vary your gripping position even when you’re clicked in. A Flexband integrated into the hand-strap enables you to move freely, while the Trigger Loop keeps you connected to your pole. Like Trigger S, Trigger S Vertical releases upwards under tensile load.

  • 01 AERGON grip

    Large AERGONomic support surface on the grip head.

  • 02 Security spring release system

    First security release for touring poles.

  • 03 Connection point and trigger

    Fast and simple click-in with the Trigger Loop.

  • 04 Flexband

    Flexband allows gripping from above.

  • 05 Traverse Hook

    Can be attached to grip foam extension to be used with Trigger S Vertical gloves or straps. Enables lower gripping position to better hike steeper conditions or when traversing.

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Trigger S Vertical Grip
with strap ...
... or glove