Maximum security, outstanding comfort. Click your straps in and out faster and more comfortably than ever before with Trigger S.


The patented security release can offer additional protection against injury.


Check it out!

  • 01 Click-in

    Fast and simple click-in with the Trigger Loop.

  • 02 Click-out

    Fast and simple click-out with the Trigger Loop.

  • 03 Trigger Loop

    LEKI gloves with Trigger S and Trigger Shark provide maximum comfort and security. Easily click the strap into and out of the pole with Trigger Loop.

  • 04 Powerframe

    The complete strap is built into the glove so that only a small loop made of very flexible and extremely tear-resistant material, comes out of an opening in the palm of the glove.

  • 05 Security spring

    The security spring-trigger system releases the strap upwards under strong tensile load. The first ski pole with a built-in safety binding can minimise fall injuries.

  • 06 Correction zone

    Integrated + 8° grip correction zone for optimal pole holding position.

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Perfect gripping power thanks to slim design


Extra soft surface guarantees maximum grip


Maximum security due to Trigger S release technology