Nordic Walking 101

Nordic Walking is known by many names but pole walking, ski walking and Nordic ski walking are all basically the same activity with the difference being in the quality of the product and the technique. 

Nordic Walking has roots all the way back to the 1930s in Finland when cross-country skiers would use poles on dry land for training exercises. The actual sport of Nordic Walking took off in Europe about a decade ago and is now catching on in North America. 

LEKI introduced Nordic Walking to North America in 2003 and consistently manufactures the highest quality poles for any level of Nordic Walker. 

The benefits associated with Nordic Walking are rewarding no matter what your age, gender or size. Some of the best stories we receive here at LEKI are from people just getting started who notice measurable differences in their strength, weight and posture. 

  • Burn up to 40% more calories during your walk.
  • Pump up your cardio by increasing oxygen consumption up to 25%.
  • Reduce stress to your knees and lower joints.
  • Strengthen your upper body and create resistance to build better bone density.
  • Adapt distance and intensity to weather, terrain, and physical condition of the individual.

Our trained instructors suggest that as with any exercise program, you should consult a physician before beginning; Nordic Walking can be strenuous without perceived exertion. 

At LEKI we offer three styles of Nordic Walking poles in Carbon, Aluminum and a Carbon/Aluminum combo: 

  • with a 10cm range of adjustment
  • with a wide adjustment range in two or three sections
  • fixed length

There seems to be a bit of confusion about adjustable length vs. fixed length poles. LEKI sells both adjustable AND fixed length poles because everybody likes to walk their own walk. The locking system on our adjustable poles is the same quality locking system found on our Trekking poles; used by world acclaimed alpinists and mountain climbers. It’s been rated the strongest locking system of its kind by the independent testing facility, TÜV. The length on adjustable poles can be changed to accomodate varied terrain and/or personal technique. And they're versatile enough that your friends can try them out! 

A lot of folks comment on how easy it is to use our patented releasable Trigger Strap found on our Nordic Walking poles. The convenience of instant release without having to undo the straps is amazing when you want to get a water bottle from your hip pack or if you need to put on a jacket. Just click in and out of the grip with ease. 

The LEKI Rubber Tips that come on our Nordic Walking poles are angled to allow you to push off during your stride which increases your upper body workout. 

There are so many brands of Nordic Walking poles on the market now and it is easy to become confused and just go with the lowest priced poles. We would like you to see the difference between LEKI’s German engineering and other brands, keeping in mind that we have a dedicated Customer Service Department located in Buffalo, NY that can answer your questions about our products. Used and maintained properly, LEKI poles can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and are worth the investment in your health. 

When considering which kind of pole would be best for you, ask yourself the following questions: 

Are you a beginner? Then you will probably want to go with fully adjustable poles. Until you develop your technique, you may not be certain what size is absolutely best for you. 

Are you Nordic Walking on different terrain with varied intensity? If so, you will probably use at least partially adjustable or fully adjustable poles. This will allow you to tweak the length when switching terrain giving you the maximum benefit of your workout. 

Are you a person who always Nordic walks on similar terrain and rarely varies their technique? If so, fixed length poles may be suitable for you. Eventually you’ll become comfortable experimenting with distance, intensity, terrain and technique and as you progress with this activity.