Flash Carbon

The name says it all - a Nordic Walking pole with flash!! The Shark T3 grip and strap system supports your wrist through the poling motion and transfers power efficiently. Shafts made of 70% Carbon make this a great choice for performance and value.

Model Number: NW6352530100
$119.95 / pair

LEKI does not sell to customers located within the following states due to the prohibitive local tax laws – AL, LA and AZ.

Trigger Shark Strap

Perfectly cut and individually adjustable for optimum comfort.

70% carbon composite

High stiffness with low weight for optimised swing action.

Power Grip Pad

Optimum grip on paved surfaces with a long lifespan. Made of vulcanised material.

The perfect combination. Trigger Shark poles with matching Trigger Shark gloves provide maximum skiing fun and superior comfort.


Series Unisex
Construction Fixed Length
Grip Trigger Shark
Strap Trigger Shark (Basic)
Segments 1-piece
Shaft Diameter 16 mm
Shaft Material Carbon Composite (70%)
Upper Section Carbon Composite (70%)
Lower Section Carbon Composite (70%)
Basket NW | Micro
Tip Flex Tip
Rubber Pads Power Grip Pad
Length/Size 100 - 130 cm (in 5 cm steps)
Weight 160 grams / pole at a length of 115 cm

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