Micro Flash Carbon

This trailrunning folding pole is versatile and extremely lightweight thanks to 100% HM carbon shafts. Trigger Shark 2.0 and Trigger Mesh Strap for better fit and direct power transmission. More power reserves for you and the upcoming distances.

Model Number: TR6492582115
$179.95 / pair

LEKI does not sell to customers located within the following states due to the prohibitive local tax laws – AL, LA and AZ.

Folding poles

Lightweight with the smallest pack size. Ideal poles for climbing, trail running, small tours or to take along on the road.

Trigger Shark Frame Strap Mesh

  • Breathable Mesh-Material
  • Optimized fit (encloses the hand securely)
  • Large support area

Trail Running Tip

  • Light, alignment-free tip
  • Concave spike provides foothold in each angle
  • Optimum swing action
Series Unisex
Construction Folding | PB
Fixed Length
Grip Trigger Shark 2.0
Strap Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)
Segments 4-pieces
Shaft Diameter 16|14|14|14 mm
Shaft Material 100% Carbon
Upper Section 100% Carbon
Lower Section 100% Carbon
Tip Trail Running Tip
Length/Size 105 - 130 cm (in 5 cm steps)
Weight 188 grams / pole at a length of 120 cm
Pack size 37 cm

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