Hot Shot S


130.00 €*

Pair incl. VAT

130.00 €*

Pair incl. VAT

Colours anodized black-eloxal grau-bright red
Ski pole meets hip flask: if you ever get thirsty out on the slopes, you will love the Hot Shot S. Unscrew the grip, drink, screw the grip back on. Just so quick and easy. With high-strength aluminium shafts and the Trigger S system, these poles deliver additional safety and comfort.

! Product notes

Capacity: 110 cm (69 ml per pole), 115 cm (76 ml), 120 cm (83 ml), 125 cm (89 ml), 130 cm (94 ml), 135 cm (100 ml)


The Trigger System offers more control thanks to a direct connection between the hand and the pole. Rapid clicking in and out are no problem and a safety release can protect against injury. All alpine Trigger straps and gloves are compatible with all alpine Trigger poles.

Trigger S SL

The Trigger S SL is equipped with the Trigger System. Thanks to its finger indentations, the poles fit perfectly in the hand. Its special shape makes it the ideal slalom grip.

Trigger Vario Strap

Perfectly cut, individually adjustable strap. Clicks in and out of the pole and provides optimal comfort in the snow.


Aluminum HTS (Heat Treated Shaft) 6.0

Cobra Basket

Compact Alpine basket for great days on the slopes. Protects against sinking in the snow and can be easily changed by hand.

Steel Tip (inside shaft)

Steel tip integrated into the tube for precise pole positioning and an optimal grip on nearly any terrain.

Activities: Alpine Skiing
Age group: Adults
Sizerun: 110 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)
Construction: Fixed length
Weight: 283 g
Segments diameter: 16 mm
Grip system : Trigger System
Shaft geometry: No bend
Shaft shape: Cylindric
Grip: Trigger S SL
Strap: Trigger Vario Strap
Shaft material: Aluminium (HTS 6.0)
Basket: Cobra Alpine
Tip: Steel Tip (inside shaft)
Tip size: One size

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