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The perfect racing glove

Alpine racing and our athletes are firmly anchored in LEKI‘s DNA. In close cooperation with the LEKI World Cup team around Super G World Champion Dominik Paris and giant slalom specialist Marta Bassino, the new racing glove series was tested and developed for a long time until we were 100% satisfied. The result: maximum flexibility! For each discipline - slalom, giant slalom and the speed disciplines - there is the perfectly constructed racing glove.

The WCR VENOM SL 3D slalom model alone is produced in exemplary craftsmanship within three hours and six minutes. This is because the SL has the most comprehensive padding of the three models to adequately protect the hand from contact with the slalom gates and snow. The WCR VENOM GS 3D also has extensive padding, but this has been specially adapted to the discipline of giant slalom. The WCR VENOM DH 3D was specially developed for speed disciplines and is optimally geared to the needs of speed athletes. In contrast to the GS model, the newly developed speed panel on the SL model is stabilised to better protect the knuckles in case of direct contact with gates and snow. Flexible polygon pads made of silicone complement the speed panel and were additionally attached to the fingers. On the outside, the pads are reinforced with a ceramic shell, which results in a particularly robust surface and high abrasion resistance. The newly developed Protected Thumb has also been added: since the thumb is often in contact with snow, additional padding has been adjoined to protect the thumb even better. The combination of Speed Panel, silicone pads and Protected Thumb protects the hands optimally and at the same time allows the glove to glide perfectly over the snow without the athlete losing speed. The newly designed Flex Flap forms a line in the fist so that the gate can slide off in a more controlled manner. Thanks to the Silicon Palm Grip Patches, ski racers have an even better grip in the palm and thus a better hold on the pole than ever before. For an even better glove fit, the GS model has an additional closing strap. The individually adjustable Powerframe in combination with Trigger 3D ensures direct grip contact and even more efficient pole use.

Marta Bassino