Neotrail Pro FX.One Superlite


160.00 €*

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160.00 €*

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Colours naturalcarbon-bright red-ruby red
At only 120 g (120 cm) the new Neotrail Pro FX.One Superlite is one of the lightest poles LEKI has ever developed. 100% weight-optimised and perfect for technical terrain. The Spartan grip is based on feedback from top athletes and combines minimalism with versatility. It is equipped with an ultra-light and fast-drying D-Loop Mesh Strap, this new strap material guarantees maximum breathability and re-drying. With the help of the excenter cap, the strap can be adjusted in seconds, so you don't lose any time during the race. The lightweight foam grip has flattened sidewalls for even better guidance at high speed. The super-light shaft with a slim 14 mm diameter is optimised for minimum weight thanks to high-end carbon.

! Product notes

Notes on uses: The product is weight optimized and designed for use in competition. It requires particularly trained and careful use and is not designed as an everyday training tool. For the purpose of everyday training, we recommend other poles from our range that are optimised for special durability. We recommend use in trail running only on secured paths and not in exposed terrain, i.e. in alpine mountain sports where there is a risk of falling, on snow, ice or glaciers. Special design - does not comply with DIN 79016.


PAS System

PAS grip with loop without integrated glove system

Spartan Ultra

Extremely lightweight foam grip. Perfect for technical terrain, extreme conditions and maximum freedom.

Lock Security Strap

Individually adjustable strap. It is ultra-light, highly breathable and offers ideal comfort.


Carbon HRC (Highest Racing Carbon) max

Push Button

The Push Button System makes it possible to open and close folding poles with the push of a button.

Trail Running Basket

Minimalist basket for maximum weight savings and optimal swing behavior.

Trail Tip

Light-weight basket/tip combination for an optimized vibration control and maximum grip on any surface.

Activities: Trail Running
Age group: Adults
Sizerun: 105 - 130 cm (5 cm steps)
Construction: Fixed length | Foldable
Pack size: 38 cm
Weight: 127 g
Segments diameter: 14|12|12|12 mm
Grip system : PAS
Shaft geometry: No bend
Shaft shape: Cylindric
Grip: Spartan Ultra
Grip material: 1K Foam
Strap: Lock Security Strap
Strap size: One Size (continously adjustable)
Shaft material: Carbon (HRC max)
Shaft upper part: Carbon
Shaft middle part (1): Carbon
Shaft middle part (2): Carbon
Shaft lower part: Carbon
Folding system: Push-Button
Basket: Trail Running Basket
Tip: Trail Running Tip
Tip size: One size

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