A strap or the innovative Trigger Shark system?

LEKI offers an extensive collection of poles, catering to everyone's needs. With various grip options, adjustable or non-adjustable, made from diverse materials, you will always find a pole that suits you at LEKI. When it comes to grip, you also have the choice of different options. There are poles with just a strap, but also poles with the innovative Trigger Shark system. Below, we have listed the benefits of both variants for you.

Poles with just a strap are often simpler in design and use. You insert your hand through the strap and can hold the pole without any extra actions. A strap is usually easy to adjust to the size of your hand and lightweight. Some hikers prefer the simplicity of a strap for prolonged use.


Trigger Shark system 

The Trigger Shark system is an innovative grip system that offers various advantages. With this system, you can quickly click the poles in and out of the Frame or Vario strap, which is convenient when you don't need the poles temporarily. Grips with the Trigger Shark system are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. They reduce fatigue and provide optimal grip. However, this innovative system offers another important benefit: safety. The Trigger Shark system ensures a secure attachment of the pole to the hand. This is especially crucial in Nordic walking and trail running, where stability and control over the poles are crucial. With the Trigger Shark system, the adjustable strap sits firmly around the hand, aiding in transferring power to the poles and providing extra stability and control.


Which system is right for you depends on your personal preferences and activities. Try out both systems and determine what works best for you!