Hardly any other winter sport combines intensive endurance training and gentle relaxation like cross-country skiing: You determine the intensity and the appropriate cross-country skiing style. We offer you the perfect equipment for a cross-country skiing session in deep snow. High-quality products with the latest LEKI technology offer perfect power transmission on the cross-country ski trail. Here, you will find a large selection of cross-country ski poles "Made in Europe" for women, men and children.


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HRC Race Shark
HRC Race Shark
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PRC Premium Shark
PRC ThermoPlus Shark Women
PRC ThermoPlus Shark Women
PRC Shark
CC Thermo Shark
CC Thermo Shark Lobster (2+2)
CC Shark
HRC Race
PRC Premium ThermoPlus
PRC Premium
PRC ThermoPlus Women
PRC ThermoPlus Women
CC Thermo
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You can't decide? Simply compare up to three products with each other now!
You can't decide? Simply compare up to three products with each other now!
You can't decide? Simply compare up to three products with each other now!


You shouldn't make any compromises on the trail, which is why cross-country skiing gloves have to be real all-rounders. The glove should be light and comfortable, but still robust and resistant. Breathability is also important so that sweat can be absorbed well. Nevertheless, it should be well insulated to protect you from the cold.


In hardly any other sport is the hand-pole connection as important as in the Nordic disciplines. In order to achieve maximum power transmission, the strap and grip must be precisely adapted to the runner. Our shark system is a specially developed grip-loop system that allows you to easily click in and out of the pole. It allows you precise guidance and optimal operability of the poles.


Here, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to determine your glove size. The glove fits ideally when there is some air between the material and your skin. Gloves that are too tight do not insulate optimally. If the gloves are too wide, you have no feeling and therefore no stability. Pay particular attention to your thumbs and index fingers when trying them on. If the glove feels right in these areas and there remains a thin layer of air even when you clench your hand into a fist, you have found the right gloves.