What are the benefits of hiking with poles?

Feeling good, focusing on your health, and staying active are important for establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking is a good way to get your daily exercise, but you can always make a walk more intense. How about taking a hike through more hilly terrain or through the mountains? In addition to good hiking shoes, well-fitting clothing, and a backpack, hiking poles should also definitely not be missing from your hiking gear. Walking with poles has several important benefits.

Benefits of hiking with poles

When hiking with poles, it's important to maintain an upright posture. By using hiking poles, your weight is distributed across your arms and legs. This weight distribution relieves your joints, muscles, tendons, and spine. Additionally, this weight distribution means that your engaged muscles are less strained, leading to more efficient and targeted movements and contributing to reduced fatigue.

Another advantage: An upright posture allows the lungs more freedom of movement, leading to increased lung capacity. This, in turn, promotes circulation. The additional ground contact improves balance on challenging terrain, especially when descending. With poles, you have more points of support, resulting in better balance, improved weight distribution, and reduced risk of slipping. When hiking with poles, you can count on greater comfort, endurance, safety, and a healthier posture.

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