What is the ideal pole length for me and how do I walk with poles?

The length of a hiking pole is incredibly important if you want to go hiking with poles. With the right length, you can get the most out of the poles. While walking, the pole should support your technique, protect you from wrong movements, cushion potential falls, and optimally transmit power. A rule of thumb is that the pole has the right length when it is perpendicular to the ground and your upper and lower arm form a 90-degree angle. Do you want to calculate the correct pole length precisely? Then go to this helpful tool.

How you should walk with hiking poles depends on whether you are using trekking poles or Nordic Walking poles. With trekking poles, you always walk with two poles. Place the poles directly in front of your feet, but not too far forward. Step your right leg forward with the left pole and vice versa, making sure not to take too large steps.

Nordic Walking requires a completely different technique. Make sure to stand relaxed and upright with slightly bent elbows. Grip your poles firmly with the straps around your wrists. Place the poles beside your feet and push off to the back with a motion similar to swinging your arms while walking without poles. Your poles should be placed diagonally to the back. As your left leg moves forward, your right arm swings forward, and vice versa. Press the poles to the back with each step for extra stability and power. Ensure that you place the poles diagonally to the back, not straight in front of you. Adjust your technique to the terrain; for example, when going uphill, you can use the poles to push yourself up.


Walking with poles can be a great way to improve your training and get your entire body moving. Take the time to master the correct technique and enjoy the benefits of walking with poles!